INSPECTION OF CIRCUIT OPENING RELAY (AE w o Air Flow Meter, AT and AW) (a) Using an ohmmeter, check that there is continuity between terminals STA and F1. (b) Check that there is continuity between terminals B and FC. (c) Check that there is no continuity between terminals B and FP. If continuity is not as specified, replace the relay. (a) Apply battery voltage across terminals STA and El. (b) Using an ohmmeter, check that there is continuity between terminals B and FP. Apply battery voltage...


Battery cables loose, corroded or worn Neutral start switch faulty (A T only) Fusible link blown Starter faulty Ignition switch faulty Check battery specific gravity Charge or replace battery Repair or replace cables Adjust or replace switch Replace fusible link Repair starter Replace ignition switch

Output Of Diagnostic Codes

To obtain an output of diagnostic codes, proceed as follow j a Battery voltage 11 volts or more b Throttle valve fully closed throttle position sensor , IDL points closed c Transmission in neutral position e Engine at reach normal operating temperature 2. Turn the ignition switch to ON. Do not start the engine. 3. Using a service wire, short terminals T and El of the check connector. 4. Read the diagnostic code as indicated by the number of flashes of the check engine warning light.

Remove Cylinder Head

Toyota Carina Cylinder Head Diagnosis

a Using SST. uniformly loosen and remove the ten cylinder head bolts in several passes, in the sequence shown. SST 09205-16010 CAUTION Head warpage or cracking could result from removing bolts in incorrect order. b Lift the cylinder head from the dowels on the cylinder block and place the head on wooden blocks on a bench. NOTE If the cylinder head is difficult to lift off, pry with a screwdriver between the cylinder head and block saliences. CAUTION Be careful not to damage the cylinder head...

Adjust Valve Clearance

a Check only those valves indicated as shown. Using a feeler gauge, measure the clearance between the valve lifter and camshaft. Record the valve clearance measurements which are out of specification. They will be used later to determine the required replacement adjusting shim. Intake 0.15 - 0.25 mm 0.006 - 0.010 in. Exhaust 0.20 - 0.30 mm 0.008 - 0.012 in. b Turn the crankshaft one revolution 360 and align the mark as above. See procedure step 2 c Check only the valves indicated as shown....