Adjust Valve Clearance

(a) Check only those valves indicated as shown.

• Using a feeler gauge, measure the clearance between the valve lifter and camshaft.

• Record the valve clearance measurements which are out of specification. They will be used later to determine the required replacement adjusting shim.

Valve clearance (Cold):

(b) Turn the crankshaft one revolution (360°) and align the mark as above. (See procedure step 2)

(c) Check only the valves indicated as shown.

Measure the valve clearance.

(d) Remove the adjusting shim.

• Turn the crankshaft to position the cam love of the camshaft on the adjusting valve upward.

• Using SST (A), press down the valve lifter and place SST (B) between the camshaft and valve lifter. Remove SST (A).

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