NOTE: Before pressing down the valve lifter, position the notch toward the spark plug.


(a) Turn the crankshaft pulley and align its groove with the timing mark "0" of the No.1 timing belt cover (AE or AT) or timing pointer (AW).

(b) Check that the valve lifters on the No.1 cylinder are loose and valve lifters on the No.4 are tight.

If not. turn the crankshaft one revolution (360°) and align the mark as above.

• Remove the adjusting shim with a small screwdriver and magnetic finger.

(el Determine the replacement adjusting shim size following Formula or Charts:

• Using a micrometer, measure the thickness of:the shim which was removed *■

• Calculate the thickness of a new shim so the valve clearance comes within specified value.

T Thickness of used shim

A Measured valve clearance

N Thickness of new shim

Intake N = T + (A - 0.20 mm (0.008 in.)) Exhaust N = T + (A - 0.25 mm 10.010 in.))

• Select a new shim with a thickness as close as possible to the calculated values.

NOTE: Shims are available in seventeen sizes of 0.05 mm (0.0020 in.), from 2.50 mm (0.0984 in.) to 3.30 mm (0.1299 in ).

(f) Install a new adjusting shim.

• Place a new adjusting shim on the valve lifter.

• Using SST (A), press down the valve lifter and remove SST (B).

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