Calibrating The Compass deviation calibration

The direction display on the compass deviates from the true direction determined by the earth's magnetic field. The angle of deviation varies according to the geographic position of the vehicle.

To adjust this deviation, stop the vehicle,

then push and hold the "-N-" switch until the zone number appears on the display.

Then push the "-N-" switch, referring to the following map to select the number of the zone where the vehicle is.

Compass Zone Map

Zone number

After calibration, leaving the system for several seconds returns it to the compass mode.


Do not adjust the display while the vehicle is moving. Be sure to adjust the display only when the vehicle is stopped.

Zone number

CALIBRATING THE COMPASS (circling calibration)

Sometimes the direction display on the compass may not change after a turn. To rectify this, stop the vehicle and push and

hold the "-N-" switch until "C" appears on the display.

If "C" appears on the display because of a drastic change in the magnetic field, perform circling calibration.

Drive the vehicle in a circle at 8 km/h (5 mph) or less. If there is not enough space to drive in a circle, drive around the block.

After driving 1 to 3 circles in the above method, calibration is completed when the direction is shown on the display.

If calibration cannot be performed because of the magnetized vehicle etc., take your vehicle to Toyota dealer.

Perform circling calibration just after you have purchased your Toyota. And then always perform circling calibration after the battery has been removed, replaced or disconnected.

# Do not perform circling calibration of the compass in a place where the earth's magnetic field is subject to interference by artificial magnetic fields (underground parking, under a steel tower, between buildings, roof parking, near a crossing, near a large vehicle, etc.).

# During calibration, do not operate electric systems (moon roof, power windows, etc.) as they may interfere with the calibration.


#When doing the circling calibration, be sure to secure a wide space, and watch out for people and vehicles in the neighborhood. Do not violate any local traffic rules while performing circling calibration.

#Do not adjust the display while the vehicle is moving. Be sure to adjust the display only when the vehicle is stopped.

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