Cigarette lighter and ashtrays

Type B


To use the cigarette lighter, first open the ashtray lid, then press in the lighter. After it finishes heating up, it automatically pops out ready for use.

If the engine is not running, the ignition switch must be set at ACC.

Do not hold the cigarette lighter pressed in.

Use a Toyota genuine cigarette lighter or equivalent for replacement.


Type A: To use the ashtray, push the lid to open.

Type B: Open the lid of the cup holder and set the ashtray in it. It can be used outside the vehicle. To use the ashtray, raise the lid.

When finished with your cigarette, thoroughly extinguish it in the ashtray to prevent other cigarette butts from catching fire. After using the ashtray, close the lid completely.

To detach the ashtray, pull it out.


To reduce the chance of injury in case of an accident or sudden stop while driving, always completely close the ashtray after use.

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