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Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics

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Performing the ACTIVE TEST using the intelligent tester allows the relay, VSV, actuator and so on to operate without parts removal. Performing the ACTIVE TEST as the first step of troubleshooting is one method to shorten labor time.

It is possible to display the DATA LIST during the ACTIVE TEST. 1. PERFORM ACTIVE TEST

(b) Turn the ignition switch off.

(c) Connect the OBD II scan tool or intelligent tester together with the CAN VIM (controller area network vehicle interface module) to the DLC3.

(d) Turn the ignition switch on (IG).


(g) According to the display on the tester, perform the "ACTIVE TEST". HINT:

While driving, the shift position can be forcibly changed with the intelligent tester.

Comparing the shift position commanded by the ACTIVE TEST with the actual shift position enables you to confirm the problem (See page AX-29).


Test Details

Diagnostic Note

Operate the shift solenoid valve and set each shift position by yourself.

[Vehicle Condition]


• Press 'V button: Shift down

Possible to check the operation of the shift solenoid valves.


• This test can be conducted when the vehicle speed is 50 km/h (31 mph) or less.

• The shift position commanded by the ECM is shown in the DATA LIST/SHIFT display on the intelligent tester.

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