Sensor Signal Check By Test Mode Signal Check When Using Sst Check Wire

When having replaced the ABS & TRACTION actuator assembly and/or yaw rate and acceleration sensor, perform zero point calibration of the yaw rate and acceleration sensor. HINT:

• If the ignition switch is turned from on (IG) to on (ACC) or off during test mode (SIGNAL CHECK), DTCs of the signal check function will be erased.

• During test mode (SIGNAL CHECK), the skid control ECU records all DTCs of the signal check function. By performing the test mode (SIGNAL CHECK), the codes are erased if normality is confirmed. The remaining codes are the codes where an abnormality was found.

(a) Procedure for test mode.

(1) Turn the ignition switch off.

(2) Check that the steering wheel is in the straight-ahead position and move the shift lever to the P position.

(3) Using SST, connect terminals TS and CG of the DLC3.

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