Before measuring the resistance leave the vehicle as it is for at least minute and do not operate the ignition switch any other switches or the doors

If the result is not as specified, the DLC3 may have a malfunction. Repair or replace the harness and connector. HINT:

The DLC3 is the interface prepared for reading various data from the vehicle's ECM. After connecting the cable of the intelligent tester to the CAN VIM, turn the ignition switch to the ON position and turn the tester on. If a communication failure message is displayed on the tester screen (on the tester: UNABLE TO CONNECT TO VEHICLE), a problem exists in either the vehicle or tester. In order to identify the location of the problem, connect the tester to another vehicle. If communication is normal: Inspect the DLC3 on the original vehicle.

If communication is still not possible: The problem is probably in the tester itself. Consult the Service Department listed in the instruction manual.

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