How To Reset Fail Safe Mode On 2003 Toyota Camry

When this DTC, or other DTCs relating to ETCS (Electronic Throttle Control System) malfunctions, are set, the ECM enters fail-safe mode. During fail-safe mode, the ECM cuts the current to the throttle actuator off, and the throttle valve is returned to a 6° throttle angle by the return spring. The ECM then adjusts the engine output by controlling the fuel injection (intermittent fuel-cut) and ignition timing, in accordance with the accelerator pedal opening angle, to allow the vehicle to continue at a minimal speed. If the accelerator pedal is depressed gently, the vehicle can be driven slowly. Fail-safe mode continues until a pass condition is detected, and the ignition switch is then turned off.

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  • eden
    How to reset fail safe mode on 2003 toyota camry?
    3 years ago

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