(h) Observe the following precautions when disconnecting the fuel tube connector (Quick type B):

(1) Before disconnecting the connector, clean off any dirt that may be present.

(2) Pinch the tabs of the fuel tube retainer to disengage the 2 claws. Push the retainer down as shown in the illustration.


Be sure to disconnect the connector by hand.

(3) If the connector and pipe are stuck, hold the fuel pipe by hand and push and pull on the connector. Pull the two pipes apart to separate the connector.

(4) If there is any dirt or any other foreign objects on the sealing surfaces of the disconnected pipes, clean them if necessary.

(5) Do not damage the disconnected pipe and connector, and prevent entry of foreign objects by covering them with a plastic bag.

(i) Observe the following precautions when connecting the fuel tube connector (Quick Type B):

(1) Line up the two parts of the pipes to be connected, and fully push the fuel tube connector and pipe together until they are fully seated. Next, push the retainer into the connector until its claws lock. If the pipe is difficult to push in to the connector, apply a small amount of clean engine oil to the tip of the pipe and reinsert it.

(2) After connecting the pipes, check that the pipe and connector are securely connected by pulling on them.

(3) Check for fuel leaks.

(j) Observe the following precautions when handling a nylon tube: CAUTION:

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