Gear rotates in the advance direction


This operation releases the lock pin for the most retarded position.


(5) When the camshaft timing gear reaches the most advanced position, remove the air gun from the retard side path and advance side path, in that order. NOTICE:

Do not remove the air gun from the advance side path first. The gear may abruptly shift in the retard direction and break the lock pin.

(c) Check for smooth rotation.

(1) Rotate the camshaft timing gear within its movable range several times, but do not turn it to the most retarded position. Check that the gear rotates smoothly. OK:

Gear rotates smoothly. NOTICE:

Do not use an air gun to check for smooth operation.

(d) Check the lock in the most retarded position.

(1) Confirm that the camshaft timing gear is locked at the most retarded position.


(a) Inspect the camshaft for runout.

(1) Place the camshaft on V-blocks.

(2) Using a dial indicator, measure the circle runout at the center journal.

Maximum circle runout:

0.03 mm (0.0012 in.) If the circle runout is greater than the maximum, replace the camshaft.

(b) Inspect the cam lobes.

(1) Using a micrometer, measure the cam lobe height.

Standard cam lobe height:

47.306 to 47.406 mm (1.8624 to 1.8664 in.) Minimum cam lobe height: 47.196 mm (1.8581 in.)

If the cam lobe height is less than the minimum, replace the camshaft.

(c) Inspect the camshaft journals.

(1) Using a micrometer, measure the journal diameter.

Standard journal diameter

Journal Position

Specified Condition

No. 1

35.971 to 35.985 mm (1.4162 to 1.4167 in.)


22.959 to 22.975 mm (0.9039 to 0.9045 in.)


If the journal diameter is not as specified, check the oil clearance.

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