Onvehicle Cleaning


(a) If the fins are clogged, wash them with water or a steam cleaner. Dry with compressed air. NOTICE:

• If the distance between the steam cleaner and the core is too close, the fins may become damaged. Keep the following injection distance. Standard

Injection Distance

Injection Pressure

300 mm (11.81 in.)

2,942 to 4,903 kPa (30 to 50 kg/cm2, 427 to 711 psi)

500 mm (19.69 in.)

4,903 to 7,845 kPa (50 to 80 kg/cm2, 711 to 1,138 psi)

If the fins are bent, straighten them with a screwdriver or pliers.

Never apply water directly onto the electronic components.

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