Remove Piston Subassembly With Connecting

(a) Using a ridge reamer, remove all the carbon from the top of the cylinder.

(b) Check that the matchmarks on the connecting rod and cap are aligned to ensure the correct reassembly. HINT:

The matchmarks on the connecting rods and caps are provided for ensuring the correct reassembly.

(c) Using a 12 mm socket wrench, uniformly loosen the 2 bolts.

(d) Using the 2 removed connecting rod cap bolts, remove the connecting rod cap and lower bearing by wiggling the connecting rod cap right and left. HINT:

Keep the lower bearing inserted in the connecting rod cap.

(e) Push the piston, connecting rod assembly and upper bearing through the top of the cylinder block. HINT:

• Keep the bearing, connecting rod and cap together.

• Arrange the piston and connecting rod assemblies in the correct order.

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