A Selector lever

The shift position is also displayed on the instrument cluster.

P: Parking, engine starting and key removal

R: Reverse

N: Neutral

D: Normal driving (shifting into overdrive) S: "S" mode driving +: Upshift range -: Downshift range

Selector lever


Selector lever


(b) Normal driving

1. Start the engine as instructed in "How to start the engine" on page 316 in Section 3. The transmission must be in "P" or "N".

2. With your foot holding down the brake pedal, shift the selector lever to "D".

When the lever is in the "D" position, the automatic transmission system will select the most suitable gear for running conditions such as normal cruising, hill climbing, hard towing, etc.

Always use the "D" position for better fuel economy and quieter driving. In this position, shifting into the overdrive gear is possible. If the engine coolant temperature is low, the transmission will not shift into the overdrive gear even in the "D" position.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) shifting control—

AI shifting control selects the most suitable shift range automatically according to the driver's operation and driving condition.

AI shifting control operates automatically with the selector lever in the "D" position. When the lever is moved to the "S" position, this function will be cancelled.

Shifting control on the slope:

On inclines, you can drive smoothly with reduced shifting quantity. On declines, the vehicle will shift down automatically to obtain optimum engine braking and reduce the driver's foot braking load.

Automatic shifting point change control:

The most suitable shift range is selected depending on the driver's accelerator pedal operation and vehicle condition.

You can change the shift range position in the "S" mode. The shift range position can be switched between "6" (sixth range) and "1" (first range) by moving the selector lever up to the "+" side or down to the "-" side. When the selector lever is shifted to the "S" position, the initial shift range position is "4" (fourth range) or "5" (fifth range) depending on the vehicle speed.

However, if the selector lever is shifted to the "S" position when AI shifting control is being performed, the initial shift range position may be "3" (third range). This is because the suitable shift range is selected depending on the driving condition.

The "S" mode indicator light and the current shift range position are shown on the instrument cluster.


Never put your foot on the accelerator pedal while shifting.

3. Release the parking brake and brake pedal. Depress the accelerator pedal slowly for smooth starting.

1: Upshift range 2: Downshift range
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