Internal trunk release strap


• Always lock the trunk lid and all doors, and keep away the vehicle keys out of children's reach.

• Never leave children unattended in the vehicle. Unsupervised children may lock themselves in the vehicle or trunk and suffer serious injuries or death.

2. Vehicles with trunk storage extension—After closing the door located behind the rear seat armrest, insert the master key (vehicles with key cylinder-type ignition switch) or mechanical key (vehicles with smart key system) and turn it clockwise to lock the door.

If a person is locked in the trunk, he/she can pull up the phosphorescent strap on the inside of trunk lid to open the trunk lid.

The phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) strap will continue to glow for a time after the trunk lid is closed. Exposing the strap to stronger light will cause it to glow longer.


Implement the above steps to maximize security of the luggage in the trunk whenever the vehicle is unattended.


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