Reference: Tape Attachment Locations

Double-sided Tape



Securely apply the double-sided tape to prevent it from being out of alignment and peeling off.

(b) Peel off the release paper from the double-sided tape.

(c) Attach the No. 1 roof wire along the double-sided tape so that the marking surface of the wire harness faces downward.


• Securely attach the No. 1 roof wire.

• Failure to do so may cause abnormal noise.

(d) Apply adhesive tape to locations shown in the illustration.

Reference: Tape Attachment Locations for TMC made:

for TMMK made:

Adhesive Tape

Adhesive Tape


As shown at point A in the illustration, line up and secure the reference tape of the wire harness to the tip of the roof headlining assembly.

2. INSTALL NO. 1 ROOF WIRE (w/ Sliding Roof)

(a) Apply new double-sided tape to locations shown in the illustration while aligning the tape with the markings on the roof headlining.

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