Jam protection function type B only

During automatic closing operation, the driver's window stops and opens about half way if something gets caught between the window and window frame.

If the window receives a strong impact, this function may work even if nothing is caught.

If the driver's window switch is completely pulled up and held, this function does not work.

Window Switches Drivers Controls


Use the switches on the passengers' doors. The driver's door also has switches that control the passengers' windows.

The window moves as long as you hold the switch.

To open: Push down the switch. To close: Pull up the switch.

If you push in the window lock switch on the driver's door, the passengers' windows cannot be operated.

To avoid death or serious personal injury, you must do the following.

• Before you close the power windows, always make sure there is nobody around the power windows. You must also make sure the heads, hands and other parts of the bodies of all occupants are kept completely inside the vehicle. If someone's neck, head or hands get caught in a closing window, it could result in death or serious injury. When anyone closes the power windows, make sure he or she operates the windows safely.

• When small children are in the vehicle, never let them use the power window switches without supervision. Use the window lock switch to prevent them from making unexpected use of the switches.

• Never leave anyone (particularly a small child) alone in your vehicle, especially with the ignition key still inserted. Otherwise, he/she could use the power window switches and get trapped in a window. Unattended person (particularly a small child) can be involved in a serious accident.

• Never try jamming any part of your body to activate the jam protection function intentionally, as it could result in a death or serious injury.

• The jam protection function may not work if something gets caught just before the window fully closed.

Open Prius Smart Key

Vehicles with key cylinder-type ignition switch

To open the trunk lid from the outside, insert the master key (vehicles with key cylinder-type ignition switch) or mechanical key (vehicles with smart key system) and turn it clockwise.

See "—Stowage precautions" on page 310 in Section 2 for precautions when loading luggage.

To close the trunk lid, lower it and press down on it. After closing the trunk lid, try pulling it up to make sure it is securely closed.

The trunk lid can be opened with the wireless remote control transmitter, see "—Opening trunk lid" on page 24 in this Section.


When you carry the registered key into the actuation area, the trunk can be opened. For further information of actuation area, see "Smart key system" on page 30 in this Section.

Vehicles with smart key system

Keep the trunk lid closed while driving. This not only keeps the luggage from being thrown out but also prevents exhaust gases from entering the vehicle.

—Lock release lever

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