Luggage security system

A warning buzzer may sound when:

• The key is brought into the cabin after the trunk is opened, and the trunk is then closed.

• The key is near the trunk when the trunk is closed.

The buzzer may sound even when the key is not in the trunk. This does not indicate a problem. However, under these circumstances, the trunk cannot be opened using the smart key system. Open the trunk using other methods.

If you left the key in the trunk and close it when all side doors are locked, a beep will sound continuously for 2 seconds. You can open the trunk pushing the trunk opener switch without carrying another key. However, in some instances, the beep may not sound when the trunk is closed depending on the location of the key in the trunk. In addition, when the doors are open or unlocked, the beep may not sound when the trunk is closed. When closing the trunk, make sure that the key is not left in it.

To open the trunk lid from the driver's seat, pull up on the lock release lever.

To deactivate this lock release lever from opening the trunk lid, see "—Luggage security system" described below.

This system helps protect things locked in the trunk by safeguarding the trunk lid lock release lever from unwanted access.

1. Close the trunk lid. Insert the master key (vehicles with key cylinder-type ignition switch) or mechanical key (vehicles with smart key system) and turn it counterclockwise to deactivate the trunk lid lock release lever.

After the operation, try pulling up on the trunk lid lock release lever to make sure it is locked.

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