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• If a service reminder indicator or warning buzzer comes on 146

• If your vehicle will not start 336

• If your engine stalls while driving 341

• If your vehicle overheats 342

• If your vehicle needs to be towed 353

• Tips for driving during break-in period 286

• General maintenance 367

Gas station information

Fuel type:

UNLEADED gasoline, Octane Rating 87 (Research Octane Number 91) or higher.

See page 286 for detailed information. Fuel tank capacity:

ILSAC multigrade engine oil is recommended. See page 381 for detailed information. Tire information: See pages 385 through 393. Tire inflation pressure: See page 411.

Publication No. OM33669U Part No. 01999-33669

Printed in Japan 01-0601-00 Q]

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