Replacing battery with key cylindertype ignition switch

For replacement, use a CR2016 lithium battery or equivalent.

Special care should be taken to prevent small children from swallowing the removed battery or components.


♦ When replacing the battery, be careful not to lose the components.

♦ Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by a Toyota dealer.

♦ Dispose of used batteries according to the local laws.

Replace the battery by following these procedures:

1. Open the cover using a flathead screwdriver wrapped with plastic tape.

2. Remove the module from the key frame.

3. Open and remove the battery case cover using a coin.


4. Take out the discharged transmitter battery and put in a new battery with the positive (+) side up.

5. Install the battery case cover and then install the module into the key frame. Close the cover.

6. When pushing either switch on the wireless key, make sure the indicator light comes on.


♦ Do not bend the terminals.

♦ Make sure the positive side and negative side of the battery are faced correctly.

♦ Do not replace the battery with wet hands. Water may cause unexpected rust.

♦ Do not touch or move any components inside the transmitter, or it may interfere with proper operation.

♦ Be careful not to bend the electrode when inserting the battery and that dust or oils do not adhere to the case.

♦ Close the cover securely.

After replacing the battery, check that the key operates properly. If the key still does not operate properly, contact your Toyota dealer.

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