Seat belt comfort guides

Toyota Camry 2004

To release the belt, press the buckle release button and allow the belt to retract.

If the belt does not retract smoothly, pull it out and check for kinks or twists. Then make sure it remains untwisted as it retracts.

The outside shoulder belt comfort guides for the rear seat outside positions will provide added seat belt comfort for children who have outgrown child restraints and for small adults. When the outside shoulder belt is inserted through the guide, the comfort guide pulls the belt away from the neck and head of an occupant.

To use the comfort guide, do as follows.

Seat belt comfort guides are stored in the both pockets on the sides of the rear seatback.

Seatbelt Comfort Guides


Vehicles with reclining type rear seat— Adjust the seatback to the upright most position.

1. Pull out the comfort guide from the pocket.

2. Pinch the two edges of the shoulder belt for the rear seat outside position with your fingers and slide the belt past the slot of the guide as shown above. At this time, the elastic cord must be behind the seat belt.

3. Buckle, position and release the seat belt. (For wearing the seat belt, see "—Fastening front and rear seat belts" on page 67 in this Section.)


Make sure the belt is not twisted and that it lies flat. The elastic cord must be behind the belt and the guide must be on the front.


Always make sure the shoulder belt is positioned across the center of the shoulder. The belt should be kept away from the neck, and should not fall off the shoulder. Failure to observe these precautions could reduce the effectiveness of the seat belt in an accident, causing death or serious injury.


Pinch the two edges of the seat belt together so that you can slide them out of the guide. Store the guide with the elastic cord into the pocket.

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