Seat heaters


When returning the seatback to the upright position, observe the following precautions in order to prevent death or serious injury in a collision or sudden stop:

• Make sure the seatback is securely locked by pushing forward and rearward on the top of the seatback. Failure to do so will prevent the seat belt from operating properly.

• Make sure the seat belts are not twisted or caught in the seatback and are arranged in the proper position and are ready to use.

To turn on the seat heater, push the switch. At this time, the indicator light will illuminate to indicate the seat heater is operating.

To turn off the seat heater, push the switch once again.

The ignition switch must be set at ON to operate seat heaters.


Occupants must use caution when operating the seat heater because it may make them feel too hot or cause burns at low temperatures (erythema, varicella). Use extra caution for the following:

• Babies, small children, elderly persons, sick persons or persons with physical disabilities

• Persons who have sensitive skin

• Persons who are exhausted

• Persons who have taken alcohol or drugs which induce sleep (sleeping drug, cold remedy, etc.)

To prevent the seat overheating, do not use the seat heater with a blanket, cushion, or other insulating objects which cover the seat.


♦ Do not put unevenly weighed objects on the seat and do not stick sharp objects (needles, nails, etc.) into the seat.

♦ When cleaning the seats, do not use organic substances (paint thinner, benzine, alcohol, gasoline, etc.). They may damage the heater and seat surface.

♦ To prevent the battery from being discharged, turn the switch off when the engine is not running.

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