Vehicle Sensors

(a) Select "Vehicle Sensors" from the "Navigation Check" screen.

Vehicle Sensors

1 Nävi Menu |

Vehicle Signal -REV


■ SPD -r Pulse Count

: 9999 Pulses


: 75 mph

180 km/h

Sensor Signal -r Gyro Voltage L Relative bearing

:2.500 V : 359.9 degrees

I Reset I

Navigation Check

GPS Information

Parts Information

Vehicle Sensors

I Mic&Voice Recognition I I I Check 11

Color Bar Check

Memory Copy/Paste

I DVD Player Information 11

Check all the signals and sensors when vehicle signal information is displayed.


• This screen is updated once per second when input signals to the vehicle are changed.

• This screen displays vehicle signals input to the built-in navigation ECU.

• For details of this function, refer to DIAGNOSIS DISPLAY DETAILED DESCRIPTION (See page NS-30).

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