With smart key system

First time—ACC (accessory) mode (illuminate amber)

Accessories such as the radio operate.

Second time—ON mode (illuminate amber)

All accessories on.

Third time—Power off (indicator light off)

Pressing the "ENGINE START STOP" switch again returns the ignition switch to ACC.

When the key is in the vehicle, pressing the "ENGINE START STOP" switch (engine switch) allows you to start and stop the engine or choose at the ACC, ON, or ignition switch off.

When the brake pedal is not depressed, pressing the "ENGINE START STOP" switch changes the ignition switch mode as follows. Press the "ENGINE START STOP" switch slowly and firmly.

If a buzzer sounds and the master warning light comes on for 5 seconds when pressing the "ENGINE START STOP" switch, this indicates that the key is not in the vehicle. The "KEY IS NOT DETECTED" message will also appear on the multi-information display.

If the brake pedal is depressed, the indicator light will turn green, regardless of which mode is selected. When the indicator light is green, pressing the "ENGINE START STOP" switch once starts the engine. (For starting tips, see "How to start the engine" on page 316 in Section 3.)

When the engine switch is changed from ON (with the engine off) to off and then changed to ACC, "DEPRESS THE BRAKE PEDAL" is appeared on the multi-information display.

If the amber indicator light on the "ENGINE START STOP" switch blinks, this indicates a malfunction of the push start system. Turn off the engine immediately and contact your Toyota dealer.

It is not a malfunction if the needle on all meters and gauges move slightly when the ignition switch is set at ACC, ON or when the engine starts.


Do not leave the ignition switch at ON if the engine is not running. The battery will discharge and the ignition could be damaged.

When the battery is disconnected or run down, the push button start function memorizes the current mode. After you reconnect, replace, or recharge the battery, the memorized mode is selected automatically. In any of these cases, turn off the engine if the engine comes on.

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