About This Manual

Scope of the repair work explanation

• This text explains the welding panel replacement instructions from the vehicle's white body condition. We have abbreviated the explanations of the removal and reinstallation of the equipment parts up to the white body condition and of the installation, inspection, adjustment and final inspection of equipment parts after replacing the weld panel.

Section categories

• This manual has been divided as shown below.

Section Title




Explanation of general body repair. Views of weld panel replacement instructions.

Cautionary items.

Views of weld panel replacement instructions.


Instructions for replacing the weld panels from the white body condition, from which bolted parts have been removed, with individual supply parts.

Front side member replacement. Quarter panel replacement.


Body aligning measurements.

Dimension diagrams.


Scope and type of anti-rust treatment, etc. together with weld panel replacement.

Under coating. Body sealer.

Contents omitted in this manual.

• Make sure to perform the following essential procedures, although they are omitted in this manual.

(1) Clean and wash removed parts, if necessary.

(2) Visual inspection.

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