AI Artificial Intelligence Shift Control General

AI-SHIFT control enables the ECT ECU to estimate the road conditions and the driver's intention in order to automatically control the shift pattern in the optimal manner. As a result, a comfortable ride has been achieved.

Sensor Signal

Throttle Opening Angle Vehicle Speed Engine Speed Brake Signal

Calculation by ECU

Vehicle Acceleration


Road Condition -

Smaller ^ 0


<ยก=1 : Criterion Acceleration : Actual Acceleration

Driver's Intention

Acceleration Pedal Operation Vehicle Condition

Estimating the Driver's Intention

Basic Shift Pattern Control

Road Condition Support Control

Driver's Intention Support Control


Road Condition Support Control

Under road condition support control, ECT ECU determines the throttle valve opening angle and the vehicle speed whether the vehicle is being driven uphill or downhill.

To achieve the optimal drive force while driving uphill, this control prevents the transaxle from up shifting to the 5th or 6th gear. To achieve the optimal engine brake effect while driving downhill, this control automatically downshifts the transaxle to the 5th or 4th or 3rd gear.

Driver's Intention Support Control

Estimates the driver's intention based on the accelerator operation and vehicle condition to switch to a shift pattern that is well-suited to each driver, without the need to operate the shift pattern select switch used in the conventional models.

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