Bluetooth Handsfree System

Bluetooth® is a high-speed wireless data communication system that uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band prescribed by the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group), with a communication speed of 1 Mbps. By simply bringing a cellular phone that has been pre-registered on the audio head unit or the multi display into the vehicle, the user can talk hands-free. Thus, it is no longer necessary to connect the telephone to a hands-free connection device as in the past.

A Bluetooth® hands-free system, which enables the user to make and receive calls and talk hands-free by operating the switches on the steering pad or the screen display, is provided on the audio head unit.

A Bluetooth® hands-free system consists of an audio head unit, a microphone in the overhead console, and the switches on the steering pad.

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    How to fix bluetooth system on a toyota?
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