Brake Control System Abs with EBD General

The brake control system (ABS with EBD) of '07 Camry has the following functions:



(Anti-lock Brake System)

The ABS helps prevent the wheels from locking when the brakes are applied firmly or when braking on a slippery surface.

(Electronic Brake force Distribution)

The EBD control utilizes ABS, realizing the proper brake force distribution between front and rear wheels in accordance with the driving conditions. In addition, during cornering braking, it also controls the brake forces of right and left wheels, helping to maintain the vehicle behavior.

Brake Assist (Mechanical Type)

The primary purpose of the Brake Assist system is to provide an auxiliary brake force to assist the driver who cannot generate a large brake force during emergency braking, thus helping draw the vehicle's brake performance.

Service Tip->.

When the brake control system is activated, the brake pedal could shudder, which is a normal occurrence of the system in operation, and should not be considered to be a malfunction. v_y

Speed Sensor (4)

Stop Light Switch

Combination Meter


Skid Control ECU

Solenoid Relay

Solenoid Valve (8)

Pump Motor

Motor Relay

From Battery

Parking Brake Switch

Main Body ECU

Combination Meter

ABS Warning Light

Brake System Warning Light

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