Repair Toyota Camry 2000 Center Console

► A storage pocket for items such as cellular phones and wallets has been provided beside the front console (i).

► The large capacity front box contains storage space for 9 CDs, a power source and the AUX adapter (2).In addition, on the inner right side of the box, there is a plug hole that allows the inside of the box to be accessed from the side.

► Two drink cup holders, which can hold large sized drink cups and have a lid, have been provided on the center console, beside the shift lever on AT models (3). In addition, a storage box with a lid has been provided behind the shift lever on XLE grade models (4), On LE and SE grade models, a storage box without a lid has been provided. On MT models, drink cup holders with a lid have been provided behind the shift lever.

► The rear console box has a large capacity and a storage tray has been provided for keeping small articles (5). The console box lid can be used as an armrest (6), the one used on XLE grade models slides 100 mm (3.94 in).

Console Box for XLE Grade Models

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