Cylinder Block

Lightweight aluminum alloy is used for the cylinder block.

By producing the thin cast-iron liners and cylinder block as a unit, compaction is realized.

Air passage holes are provided in the crankshaft bearing area of the cylinder block. As a result, the air at the bottom of the cylinder flows smoother, and pumping loss (back pressure at the bottom of the piston generated by the piston's reciprocal movement) is reduced to improve the engine's output.

The oil filter and the air conditioning compressor brackets are integrated into the crankcase. Also, the water pump swirl chamber and thermostat housing are integrated into the cylinder block.

Water Pump Swirl Chamber

Crankshaft Bearing Cap

Crankshaft Bearing Cap

Plastic Region Tightening Bolts

Water Pump Swirl Chamber

Thermostat Housing

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  • rosa
    Is the engine block on a 96 camry cast iron or aluminum?
    3 years ago
  • Ambessa Yohannes
    What year did toyota change the camry 4 cylinder iron block to aluminum?
    6 months ago

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