Flex Lockup Clutch Control

In addition to the conventional lock-up timing control, flex lock-up clutch control is used.

This flex lock-up clutch control regulates solenoid valve SL2 as an intermediate mode between the ON and OFF operations of the lock-up clutch.

The flex lock-up clutch control operates during acceleration, in the 4th and 5th gear in the D range, and during deceleration, in the 4th and 5th gear in the D range, and in the 4th gear in the 4 range.

During acceleration, the partition control of the power transmission between the lock-up clutch and torque converter greatly boosts the transmission efficiency in accordance with the driving conditions, improving the fuel economy.

During deceleration, the lock-up clutch is made to operate. Therefore the fuel-cut area is expanded and fuel economy is improved.

Flex Lockup Vehicle

Lock-up Operating Range


Throttle Operating Angle

Lock-up Operating Range

Flex Lock-up Operating Range




Vehicle Speed

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    Where is the lock up clutch in 2000 toyota camry 2.2?
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