Installation Point

1 Inspect the fitting of the related parts around the new parts before welding. This affects the appearance of the finish.

2 Temporarily install the new parts and measure each part of the new parts in accordance with the body dimension diagram. (See the body dimension diagram)

3 Apply adhesive(3MTM Automix™ Panel Bonding Adhesive #8115) to the area indicated by *1 in illustration. HINT:

1) Apply enough adhesive for the panels to sick to each other.

4 Perform spot-welding on the flange indicated by *2 in the illustration. Modify/cut the spot tip as shown in the illustration (*3) so that it can fit into the narrow flange.

5 Before installing a new part, apply body sealer. HINT:

1) Apply sealer in an even, continuous bead.


Butt Weld Body Sealer @ : Braze

Symbol meaning

© : Spot Weld □ El □ : MIG Plug Weld g : Butt Weld § : Body Sealer g : Braze




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