Name Plate Application Procedure

(a) Heat the double-sided tape remaining on the body with an infrared lamp or equivalent. HINT:

Heat the tape to 40 to 60*C for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.

(b) Wipe off the remaining double-sided tape using a clean cloth or equivalent. HINT:

If a name plate is installed without thoroughly removing the remaining double-sided tape from the body, the name plate will not adhere properly. Make sure to thoroughly wipe off the double-sided tape.

(c) After cleaning the installation area of the body with degreasing agent, attach the name plate to the position shown in the illustration.


The working environment should be 20*C when installing the name plate. If the working environment is below 20»C, heat the installation area of the body to 20 to 30»C and then install the name plate.

('¿j [For name plate LE]
mm (in.)


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