Toyota Quarter Panel Replacement Procedures

Quarter Panel Replacement Using Adhesive


Quarter Panel Replacement Using Adhesive

Work Procedure


1 Cut the wheel arch portion.

Heat the quarter panel adhesive area and remove the quarter panel.

Clean off any adhesive that remains on the vehicle.

4 Using a disc grinder or belt sander, scuff and sand any adhesive that remains on the vehicle.

Apply adhesive to the exposed metal areas on the vehicle. Using a spatula, spread the adhesive evenly.

6 Apply adhesive to the vehicle again.

7 Using #60-240 grit sandpaper, scuff the adhesive application area on the new quarter panel.

Apply adhesive to the new quarter panel. Using a spatula, spread the adhesive evenly.

Using a vise or the palms of your hands, press the quarter panel so that the thickness of the adhesive is even.

10 Complete installation the new quarter panel.

11 Dry the adhesive areas of the new quarter panel.

(1) Using an industrial dryer or oxygen acetylene burner, heat the quarter panel to 110 to 140«C. Make sure the quarter panel does not warp.

(1) Using a gas burner, heat the adhesive to 110 to 140«C.

(2) Using a scraper, scrape away the adhesive.

(3) If adhesive remains, the strength of any subsequently applied adhesive will be weak.

(1) Scuff at a width of approximately 10 mm over the previous adhesive coating.

(1) Hardening Time Estimation With dryer or equivalent (60«C)

: 60 minutes (complete hardening: 90 minutes) Ambient temperature (25*C)

: 12 hours (complete hardening: 24 hours)


Symbol meaning

A A A : Remove Weld Points

EH : Cut with disc sander, etc. Kfl : Cut and Join Location

: Cut Location for Supply Parts : Braze

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