Reminder Method

The timing chart of the buzzer and details of the reminder method are shown below. ^ Timing Chart •

Ignition* V Engine*2Switch


Vehicle Speed

Buckle Switch (D)

Buckle Switch (P)

20km/h (12mph) or more 0 mph

Not Fasten -

Not Fasten

Shift Position (Reverse)


Fasten Hi



Reminder Light (D)

Reminder Light (P)

T4 T7

T1: About 1.8 sec. T2: About 1.2 sec. x 5 T3: About 13.8 sec. T4: About 9.6 sec.

T5: About 20 sec. T6: About 20 sec. or more T7: About 20 sec. or less T8: About 9.6 sec. or less


*1: Models without smart key system *2: Models with smart key system

*3: If the vehicle speed drops below the setting level for seat belt warning after a buzzer begins to sound, the buzzer will continue to sound. After the vehicle speed exceeds 20km/h (12 mph) again, the buzzer will stop.

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