Shift Lock System General

The shift lock system function setting is as follows:


Without Smart Key System

With Smart Key System

Key Interlock

Shift Lock

The key interlock device prevents the key from being pulled out after the ignition switch is turned OFF, unless the shift lever is moved to the P position. Thus, the driver is urged to park the vehicle in the P position.

The shift lock mechanism prevents the shift lever from being shifted to any position other than the P position, unless the ignition switch is ON (unless the IG-ON mode is selected)*1, and the brake pedal is depressed. This mechanism helps to prevent unintentional acceleration.

The shift lock system mainly consists of the shift lock ECU, shift lock solenoid, key interlock solenoid*2 and shift lock override button.

The shift lock solenoid has a built-in P detection switch.

*1: Models with smart key system

*2: Except models with smart key system

Lung Capacities

*1: Models with smart key system

*2: Except models with smart key system

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