Smart Key System Description

► This system is optional equipment on the XLE grade (except Mexican package model).

► The smart key system not only has a wireless door lock remote control function and engine immobilizer function, but by carrying the key the following functions (entry function and push button start function) are also possible without having to use a key or transmitter button. It is an extremely convenient system.

- The engine can be started by simply pressing the engine switch while depressing the brake pedal (Push Button Start Function)

- Door unlock/lock (Entry Unlock/Entry Lock Functions).

- The trunk can be opened (Trunk Open Function).

- Wireless door lock control function.



The special functions of the key system only work when the key is in the actuation area formed by the eight oscillators.

► The front and rear room oscillators form the actuation area of the push button start function.

► Front door oscillators and inner and outer trunk oscillators form the actuation area of the entry function.

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    What functions do the pulley key perform in a 2003 Toyota Camry engine?
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