The SRS is equipped with a backup power source so that if work is started within seconds from disconnecting the negative terminal cable of the battery the SRS may deploy

• When the negative (-) terminal cable is disconnected from the battery, the memory of the clock and audio system will be cleared. So before starting work, make a record of the contents in the audio memory system. When work is finished, reset the audio systems as they were before and adjust the clock. Some vehicles have power tilt steering, power telescopic steering, power seat and power outside rear view mirror which are all equipped with memory function. However, it is not possible to make a record of these memory contents. So when the work is finished, it will be necessary to explain it to your customer, and ask the customer to adjust the features and reset the memory. To avoid erasing the memory in each system, never use a back-up power supply from outside the vehicle.

• Before repair, remove the airbag sensor if shocks are likely to be applied to the sensor during repair.

• Do not expose the following parts directly to hot air or flame;

• Even in cases of a minor collision where the SRS does not deploy, the following parts should be inspected;

• Never use SRS parts from another vehicle. When replacing parts, replace with new parts.

• For the purpose of reuse, never disassemble and repair the following parts.

• If the following parts have been dropped, or have cracks, dents and other defects in their case, bracket, and connector, replace with new one.

• Use a volt/ohmmeter with high impedance (10 kQ/V minimum) for troubleshooting electrical circuits of the system.

• Information labels are attached to the periphery of the SRS components. Follow the instructions of the notice.

• After work on the SRS is completed, check the SRS warning light.

• If the vehicle is equipped with a mobile communication system, refer to the precaution in the IN section of the Repair Manual.


Steering wheel pad


Front passenger airbag assembly


Side airbag assembly


Curtain shield airbag assembly


Knee airbag assembly


Seat belt pretensioner


Center airbag sensor assembly


Front airbag sensor assembly


Side airbag sensor assembly


Rear airbag sensor assembly



12 3Q

13 A

13 A

Data Link Connector 3



Airbag Squib (Knee Airbag)

Airbag Sensor Assembly Center CANH CANL

N8 O8

Pretensioner (LH) Pretensioner (RH)

Side Airbag Squib (LH)

1 rNzH 2rNZ2l

Side Airbag Squib (RH)

i roYii ifaYi

Curtain Shield Airbag Squib (LH)

Curtain Shield Airbag Squib (LH)

Curtain Shield Airbag Squib (RH)

Curtain Shield Airbag Squib (RH)





Airbag Sensor Assembly Center

Spiral Cable

Airbag Squib (Steering Wheel Pad)

Airbag Squib (Front Passenger' s Airbag Assembly)

Airbag Sensor (Front LH)


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