Transition of Power Source


: Only when the key certification is OK : Only when the vehicle is stopped


NOTE: Normally, the operation of the engine switch is disabled while the vehicle is being driven.

However, in an emergency, by pressing the engine switch for approximately 3 seconds or more, the driver can stop the engine while the vehicle is in motion.

If no signals are transmitted to the main body ECU due to malfunctions in the stop light switch or park/neutral start switch, the engine may not start when the engine switch is pressed with the brake pedal depressed. In such cases, performing the following procedure may be enable the engine to start: 1) press the engine switch to turn the power source from OFF to ACC, and 2) press the engine switch again and hold it for 15 seconds or more.

Above 2 operations must be applied only in emergency situations. Under normal conditions, the engine must not be stopped by pressing the engine switch during driving or started without depressing the brake pedal when the shift lever is in any position other than P or N.

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