Engine incar repair procedures


Auxiliary drivebelt check and renewal See Chapter 1

Camshaft cover - removal and refitting 4

Camshaft oil seal(s) - renewal 7

Camshafts and followers - removal, inspection and refitting 8

Compression test 2

Crankshaft oil seals - renewal 13

Cylinder head - removal and refitting 9

Engine oil and filter - renewal See Chapter 1

Engine oil level - check See "Weekly Checks"

Engine/transmission mountings - inspection and renewal 15

Degrees of difficulty

Flywheel/driveplate - removal, inspection and refitting 14

General information 1

Oil cooler and pressure regulating valve - general information 12

Oil pump and pick-up tube - removal, inspection and refitting 11

Sump - removal and refitting 10

Timing belt - removal, inspection and refitting 5

Timing belt sprockets) and pulleys - removal, inspection and refitting 6

Top dead centre (TDC) for No 1 piston - locating 3

Valve clearance check and adjustment See Chapter 1

Easy, suitable for novice with little experience ^

Fairly easy, suitable for beginner with some experience

Fairly difficult, suitable for competent ^ DIY mechanic ^

Difficult, suitable for ^ experienced DIY \ mechanic ^

Very difficult, ^

suitable for expert DIY or professional ^



Type Four-cylinder, in-line, double-overhead camshafts, 16-valve

Engine code*

1.6 litre engine 4A-FE

1.8 litre engine 7A-FE

2.0 litre engine (single camshaft sprocket drive) 3S-FE

2.0 litre engine (double camshaft sprockets drive) 3S-GE

•Note: See Buying Spare Parts and Vehicle Identification for the location of code marking on the engine. Capacity:

1.6 litre engine 1587 cc

1.8 litre engine 1762cc

2.0 litre engines 1998 cc


1.6 litre engine 81.0 mm

1.8 litre engine 81.0 mm

2.0 litre engine 86.0 mm


1.6 litre engine 77.0 mm

1.8 litre engine 85.5 mm

2.0 litre engine 86.0 mm

Direction of crankshaft rotation Clockwise (viewed from right-hand side of vehicle)

Cylinder compression pressures: Standard:

4A-FE and 7A-FE engines 13.5 bar

3S-FE and 3S-GE engines 13.0 bar


4A-FE and 7A-FE engines 10.0 bar

3S-FE and 3S-GE engines 9.5 bar

Maximum difference between cylinders 1.0 bar

Firingorder 1-3-4-2

No 1 cylinder location Timing belt (right-hand) end of the engine

Camshaft and followers


4A-FE and 7A-FE engines Toothed belt to exhaust camshaft sprocket, anti-backlash gears from exhaust to inlet camshaft

3S-FE engine Toothed belt to inlet camshaft sprocket, anti-backlash gears from inlet to exhaust camshaft

3S-GE engine Toothed belt to inlet and exhaust camshaft sprockets

Camshaft journal diameter: 4A-FE and 7A-FE engines:

Exhaust camshaft No 1 journal 24.949 to 24.965 mm

All other journals 22.949 to 22.965 mm

3S-FE and 3S-GE engines 26.959 to 26.975 mm

Camshaft journal-to-bearing running clearance: Standard Service limit

4A-FE and 7A-FE engines 0.035 to 0.072 mm 0.10 mm

3S-GE engine 0.025 to 0.062 mm 0.08 mm

Camshaft endfloat: Standard Service limit

4A-FE and 7A-FE engines:

Inlet camshaft 0.030 to 0.085 mm 0.11mm

Exhaust camshaft 0.035 to 0.090 mm 0.11 mm

3S-FE engine:

Inlet camshaft 0.045 to 0.100 mm 0.12 mm

Exhaust camshaft 0.030 to 0.085 mm 0.10 mm

3S-GE engine 0.120 to 0.240 mm 0.30 mm

Maximum run-out - at centre (No 3) bearing journal:

Except 3S-GE engines 0.04 mm

3S-GE engines 0.06 mm

Gear backlash (4A-FE, 7A-FE and 3S-FE engines):

Standard 0.02 to 0.20 mm

Maximum 0.30 mm

Distance between free ends of inlet camshaft sub-gear spring:

4A-FE and 7A-FE engines 17.0 to 17.6 mm

Follower-to-cylinder head bore clearance: Standard Maximum

4A-FE and 7A-FE engines 0.024 to 0.059 mm 0.070 mm

3S-FE engine 0.024 to 0.052 mm 0.070 mm

3S-GE engine 0.015 to 0.046 mm 0.070 mm

Timing belt

Tensioner spring free length:

4A-FE engine 35.3 mm

7A-FE engine 31.8 mm

3S-FE engine 46.0 mm

Tensioner pushrod protrusion:

Lubrication system

Oil pump type:

4A-FE and 7A-FE engines Bi-rotor driven from front of crankshaft

3S-FE and 3S-GE engines Trochoidal rotor, driven by timing belt

System pressure - at normal operating temperature:

At idle speed At least 0.3 bar

At 3000 rpm 5.0 bar

Oil pump clearances: Standard Maximum

4A-FE and 7A-FE engines:

Outer rotor-to-pump body clearance 0.080 to 0.180 mm 0.200 mm

Rotor side clearance (endfloat):

4A-FE engine 0.025 to 0.075 mm 0.100 mm

7A-FE engine 0.025 to 0.085 mm 0.100 mm

Inner rotor-to-outer rotor tip clearance:

4A-FE engine 0.060 to 0.180 mm 0.350 mm

7A-FE engine 0.025 to 0.085 mm 0.350 mm

3S-FE and 3S-GE engines:

Outer rotor-to-pump body clearance 0.100 to 0.160 mm 0.200 mm

Inner rotor-to-outer rotor tip clearance 0.040 to 0.160 mm 0.200 mm

Torque wrench settings 4A-FE and 7A-FE engines

Camshaft bearing cap bolts

Camshaft cover

Camshaft sprocket bolt

Timing belt tensioner pulley bolt

Crankshaft pulley bolt

Cylinder head bolts:

Alternator bracket bolts

Alternator adjusting bar to cylinder block

Engine lifting eye fasteners

Coolant inlet elbow (small) to cylinder head

Oil dipstick tube

Coolant inlet elbow to cylinder head

Coolant outlet elbow to cylinder head

Main bearing cap bolts

Connecting rod big-end cap nuts/bolts: Stage 1:

4A-FE engine

7A-FE engine

Crankshaft rear (left-hand) oil seal housing bolts

Oil pump housing to cylinder block bolts

Oil pump cover screws

Oil pick-up tube/strainer nuts and bolts

Sump nuts and bolts:

4A-FE engine

7A-FE engine:

Main sump to cylinder block

Main sump to oil pump

Main sump to rear oil seal housing

Secondary sump to main sump

Oil cooler pipe union bolt

Oil filter housing/oil pressure regulator valve housing stud

Oil pressure relief valve plug on oil filter housing

Rear engine plate-to-cylinder block

Flywheel-to-crankshaft bolts - manual transmission

Driveplate-to-crankshaft bolts - automatic transmission

Engine-to-transmission attachment bolts:

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