Oil Leakage In Toyato Carina E

The correct oil

Modern engines place great demands on their oil. It is very important that the correct oil for your car is used (See "Lubricants and fluids")

Car Care

• If you have to add oil frequently, you should check whether you have any oil leaks. Place some clean paper under the car overnight, and check for stains in the morning. If there are no leaks, the engine may be burning oil (see "Fault Finding").

• Always maintain the level between the upper and lower dipstick marks (see photo 3). If the level is too low severe engine damage may occur. Oil seal failure may result if the engine is overfilled by adding too much oil.

IThe dipstick top is often brightly coloured for easy identification (see "Underbonnet check points" on page 0*10 for exact location). Withdraw the dipstick.

3 Note the oil level on the end of the dipstick, which should be between the upper (F) mark and lower (L) mark. Approximately 1.0 litre of oil will raise the level from the lower mark to the upper mark.

2 Using a clean rag or paper towel remove all oil from the dipstick. Insert the clean dipstick into the tube as far as It will go, then withdraw it again.

4 Oil is added through the filler cap. Unscrew the cap and top-up the level; a funnel may help to reduce spillage. Add the oil slowly, checking the level on the dipstick often. Don't overfill (see "Car Care" left).

Coolant level

A Warning: DO NOT attempt to remove the radiator pressure cap when the engine is hot, as there is a very great risk of scalding. Do not leave open containers of coolant about, as it is poisonous.

IThe coolant level varies with the temperature of the engine. When the engine is cold, the coolant level should be between the FULL and LOW marks.

Car Care

• With a sealed-type cooling system, adding coolant should not be necessary on a regular basis. If frequent topping-up is required, it is likely there is a leak. Check the radiator, all hoses and joint faces for signs of staining or wetness, and rectify as necessary.

2 If topping-up is necessary, wait until the engine is cold then remove the expansion tank cap. The expansion tank is not pressurised since the pressure cap is located in the top of the radiator, however the system should be topped up with the engine cold.

• It is important that antifreeze is used in the cooling system all year round, not just during the winter months. Don't top-up with water alone, as the antifreeze will become too diluted.

Add a mixture of water and antifreeze to the expansion tank until the coolant level is up to the FULL level mark, then refit the cap.

0*12 Weekly checks

The MAX and MIN marks are indicated on the clutch fluid reservoir filler neck. The fluid level must be kept within 5.0 mm of the MAX level mark.

Clutch fluid level


• Brake fluid can harm your eyes and damage painted surfaces, so use extreme caution when handling and pouring it.

• Do not use fluid that has been standing open for some time, as it absorbs moisture from the air.

• Do not mix different types of fluid; mixing can cause damage to the system

• Make sure that your car is on level ground.

• The fluid level in the reservoir will drop slightly but the fluid level must never be allowed to drop below the "MIN" mark.

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