Jump starting will get you out of trouble, but you must correct whatever made the battery go flat in the first place. There are three possibilities: The battery has been drained by repeated attempts to start, or by leaving the lights on. The charging system is not working properly (alternator drivebelt slack or broken, alternator wiring fault or alternator itself faulty). The battery itself is at fault (electrolyte low, or battery worn out).

Roadside repairs 0.7

When jump-starting a car using a booster battery, observe the following precautions:

✓ Before connecting the booster battery, make sure that the ignition is switched off.

✓ Ensure that all electrical equipment (lights, heater, wipers, etc) is switched off.

Jump starting

✓ Make sure that the booster battery is the same voltage as the discharged one in the vehicle.

✓ If the battery is being jump-started from the battery in another vehicle, the two vehicles MUST NOT TOUCH each other.

✓ Make sure that the transmission is in neutral (or PARK, in the case of automatic transmission).

Battery Toyota Terminal

Connect the other end of the red lead to the positive (+) terminal of the booster battery

Connect one end of the red jump lead to the positive (+) terminal of the flat battery

Connect one end of the black jump lead to the negative (-) terminal of the booster battery

Connect the other end of the black jump lead to a bracket on the cylinder head, well away from the battery, on the vehicle to be started

Make sure that the jump leads will not come into contact with the fan, drivebelts or other moving parts of the engine

Start the engine using the booster battery, then with the engine running at idle speed, disconnect the jump leads in the reverse order of connection o.8 Roadside repairs

Wheel changing

The details shown in the following photographs are from a Hatchback model, however the tools are located in the same location on all models.


□ When a puncture occurs, stop as soon as it is safe to do so.

□ Park on firm level ground, if possible, and well out of the way of other traffic.

□ Use hazard warning lights if necessary.

A Warning: Do not change a wheel in a situation where you risk being hit by another vehicle. On busy roads, try to stop in a lay-by or a gateway. Be wary of passing traffic while changing the wheel - it is easy to become distracted by the job in hand.

□ If you have one, use a warning triangle to alert other drivers of your presence.

□ Apply the handbrake and engage first or reverse gear (or Park on models with automatic transmission.

□ Chock the wheel diagonally opposite the one being removed - a couple of large stones will do for this.

□ If the ground is soft, use a flat piece of wood to spread the load under the jack.

2 Fold back the boot carpet and unscrew the plastic nut from the top of the spare wheel retaining stud

3 The jack handle is located on the underside of the spare wheel cover

Changing the wheel

IThe jack is positioned in the right-hand rear of the luggage compartment. The brace is located beneath the jack

Carina Jacking Points

6 Use the end of the brace to prise off the wheel trim. Loosen the wheel nuts slightly before jacking up the car

9 Tighten the wheel nuts securely. Have them checked for tightness using a torque wrench at the earliest opportunity

7 Locate the jack head in the jacking point Q Lift the wheel from the studs and raise the vehicle until the wheel is clear of the ground


□ Remove the wheel chocks.

□ Stow the jack and tools in the correct locations in the car.

□ Check the tyre pressure on the wheel just fitted. If it is low, or if you don't have a pressure gauge with you, drive slowly to the nearest garage and inflate the tyre to the right pressure.

□ Have the damaged tyre or wheel repaired as soon as possible.

5 Remove the spare wheel from the well in the rear luggage compartment (note that the outer side of the wheel is uppermost)

4 Unscrew the stud and remove the retaining cup

Roadside repairs 0.9

Carina Engine Bay

Engine oil may leak from the drain plug...

...or from the base of the oil filter.

Gearbox oil can leak from the seals at the inboard ends of the driveshafts.

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