Note: For detailed photographs of the brake system, refer to Chapter 9.

1 The work described in this Section should be carried out at the specified intervals, or whenever a defect is suspected in the braking system. Any of the following symptoms could Indicate a potential brake system defect:

a) The vehicle pulls to one side when the brake pedal is depressed.

b) The brakes make scraping or dragging noises when applied.

c) Brake pedal travel is excessive.

d) The brake fluid requires repeated topping-up.

2 A thorough inspection should be made to confirm the thickness of the linings, as follows.

3 Jack up the front or rear of the vehicle, as applicable, and support it on axle stands (see Jacking and Vehicle Support). Where rear brake pads are fitted, also jack up the rear of the vehicle and support on axle stands.

4 For better access to the brake calipers, remove the wheels.

5 Look through the inspection window in the caliper, and check that the thickness of the friction lining material on each of the pads is not less than the recommended minimum thickness given in the Specifications (see illustration). Note: Bear in mind that the lining material is normally bonded to a metal backing plate.

6 If it is difficult to determine the exact thickness of the pad linings, or if you are at all concerned about the condition of the pads, then remove them from the calipers for further inspection (refer to Chapter 9).

7 Check the remaining brake caliper(s) in the same way.

8 If any one of the brake pads has worn down to, or below, the specified limit, all four pads at that end of the car must be renewed as a set (ie all the front pads or all the rear pads).

9 Measure the thickness of the discs with a micrometer, if available, to make sure that they still have service life remaining. If any disc is

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