(a) Using a pin punch and hammer, drive out the 2 pins and remove the 2 attachments from SST. SST 09520-00031 (09520-00040,09521-00020)

(b) Mount the axle hub assembly in a soft jaw vise. NOTICE:

Replace the axle hub assembly if it is dropped or a strong shock is given to it.

(c) Using SST and 2 bolts (Diameter: 12 mm, Pitch: 1.5 mm), remove the ABS speed sensor.

SST 09520-00031 (09520-00040,09521-00020), 09950-00020


Do not allow any foreign matter sticking to the sensor rotor.

Pull out the ABS speed sensor straightly not to damage the sensor rotor.

If damage has occurred to the sensor rotor, replace the axle hub assembly.

Do not scratch the contacting surface of the axle hub and speed sensor.

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