Inspect Piston Ring End

(a) Insert the piston ring into the cylinder bore.

(b) Using a piston, push the piston ring a little beyond the bottom of the ring travel, 110 mm (4.33 in.) from the top of the cylinder block.

(c) Using a feeler gauge, measure the end gap. Standard end gap:

No.1 0.25 - 0.35 mm (0.0098 - 0.0138 in.) No,2 0.35 - 0.50 mm (0.0138 - 0.0197 in.) Oil (Side rail) 0.15 - 0.40 mm (0.0059 - 0.0157 in.) Maximum end gap: No.1 1.05 mm (0.0413 in.) No.21.20 mm (0.0472 in.) Oil (Side rail) 1.05 mm (0.0413 in.) If the end gap is greater than maximum, replace the piston ring. If the end gap is greater than maximum, even with a new piston ring, replace the cylinder block.

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  • Lee Stewart
    What gap for piston ring on 2000 celica?
    2 years ago

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