Install Radiator Assembly

(a) Install the 2 lower radiator support bushings.

(b) Install the radiator assembly.

(c) Install the 2 upper radiator support bushings.

2000 Celica Radiator Support

(d) Install the radiator upper support with the 2 bolts.

(e) w/ Cruise control system:

Install the cruise control actuator with the 3 bolts. <f> Install the 2 condenser upper supports with the 2 bolts and nuts.

(g) Install the center brace with the 2 bolts.

(h) Install the hood lock with the 3 bolts.

(i) Connect the 2 A/T oil cooler hoses, (j) Connect the lower radiator hose, (k) Connect the upper radiator hose.

(!) Connect the No. 1 electric cooling fan connector, (m) Connect the No. 2 electric cooling fan connector.

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    How to put a raditor toyota celia 2000?
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