Remove Connecting Rod Caps And Check Oil Clearance

(a) Check the matchmarks on the connecting rod and cap are aligned to ensure correct reassembly.

(b) Remove the 2 connecting rod cap bolts.

(c) Using the 2 removed connecting rod cap bolts, remove the connecting rod cap and lower bearing by wiggling the connecting rod cap right and left.

Keep the lower bearing inserted with the connecting rod cap.

(d) Clean the crank pin and bearing.

(e) Check the crank pin and bearing for pitting and scratches. If the crank pin or bearing is damaged, replace the bearings.

If necessary, replace the crankshaft

(f) Lay a strip of Plastigage the crank pin.

(g) Install the connecting rod cap with the 2 boits (See page EM-106).

Torque: 1st:

1ZZ-FE: 20 Nm (204 kgf-cm, 15 ft ibf) 2ZZ-GE: 30 N m (306 kgf-cm, 22 ft Ibf) 2nd: Turn extra 90° NOTICE:

Do not turn the crankshaft.

(h) Remove the 2 bolts, connecting rod cap and lower bearing. (See procedure (b) and (c) above)

(i) Measure the Plastigage at its widest point. Standard oil clearance: 1ZZ-FE:

0.028 - 0.052 mm (0.0011 - 0.0020 in.) Maximum oil clearance; 0.08 mm (0.0031 in.)

H the oil clearance is greater than maximum, replace the bearings. If necessary, grind or replace the crankshaft.




If replacing a bearing, replace it with one having the same number as marked on the connecting rod. There are 3 sizes of standard bearings, marked T, "2" and "3" accordingly. Reference

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