Replace Bearings

(a) Using SST, remove the bearing. SST 09286-46011

(b) Using SST and a press, press in a new front bearing. SST 09820-00030

(c) Using a press, press in a new rear bearing.

3. REMOVE MAGNETIC SWITCH END COVER (a) Remove the 3 bolts, end cover, gasket and plunger.

(b) Inspect the contact plate for wear.

Using vernier calipers, measure the contact plate for depth of wear.

If the depth of wear is greater than the maximum, replace the contact plate.

(c) Remove the terminal kit parts-

it) Using SST, loosen the terminal nuts. SST 09810-38140 (2) Terminal C:

Remove the terminal nut,wave washer, terminal insulator (outside), O-ring, terminal bolt, contact plate and terminal insulator (inside).

Remove the terminal nut, wave washer, terminal insulator (outside), packing, O-ring, terminal bolt, contact plate, and terminal insulator (inside).

(d) Temporarily install a new terminal 30 kit parts.

(1) Install a terminal insulator (inside). NOTICE:

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