Abbreviations Used In This Manual

ABS Anti-Lock Brake System IG

A/C Air Conditioner ISC

Approx. Approximately J/B

ASV Air Suction Valve LED

A/T, ATM Automatic Transaxle LH

ATDC After Top Dead Center Max.

ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid Min.

B, Second Coast Brake MP

BZ Second Brake M/T, MTM

B3 First and Reverse Brake OD,

B4 Underdrive Brake O/S

BTDC Before Top Dead Center PCV

BVSV Bimetal Vacuum Switching Valve PKB

C, Forward Clutch SOL. CZ Direct Clutch PS CALIF. Vehicles Sold in California RH CB Circuit Breaker Rr CD Compact Disc SRS DP Dash Pot SSM ECT Electronic Controlled Transaxle SST ECU Electronic Control Unit STD EFI Electronic Fuel Injection SW EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation TCCS ELR Emergency Locking Retractor

ESA Electronic Spark Advance TDC

EVAP Evaporative (Emission Control) T/M

EX Exhaust (manifold, valve) T-VIS

Ex. Except TWC

F2 No.2 One-Way Clutch U/S

F3 Underdrive One-Way Clutch VSV

FI PG Formed in Place Gasket w/

FL Fusible Link w/o

FR, Fr Front 2WD

IN Intake (manifold, valve) 4WD


Idle Speed Control Junction Block Light Emitting Diode Left-Hand Maximum Minimum Multipurpose Manual Transaxle 0/D Overdrive Oversize

Positive Crankcase Ventilation

Parking Brake


Power Steering



Supplemental Restraint System Special Service Materials Special Service Tools Standard Switch

TOYOTA Computer Controlled System

Top Dead Center Transmission

Toyota-Variable Induction System Three-Way Catalyst Underdrive Undersize

Vacuum Switching Valve



Two Wheel Drive Vehicles (4 x 2) Four Wheel Drive Vehicles (4 x 4)

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