Airbag Deployment Procedure Procedure For Disposal Of Steering Wheel Pad Only

When disposing of the steering wheel pad (with airbag)

only, never use the customer's vehicle to deploy the airbag.

Remove the steering wheel pad from the vehicle and be sure to follow the procedure given below when deploying the airbag.


• Have a battery ready as the power source to deploy the airbag. 1. REMOVE STEERING WHEEL PAD (SEE PAGE AB-15)


• When removing the steering wheel pad (with airbag), work must be started after approx. 20 seconds or longer from the time the ignition switch is turned to the LOCK position and the nagative (-)

terminal cable is disconnected from the battery.

• When storing the steering wheel pad, keep the upper surface of the pad facing upward.


Remove the connector on the steering wheel pad rear surface from the inflator cover.

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